Side Project CMO

🚀 Turn your side project into a marketing-fueled rocket ship.

A Match Made in Heaven

You Bring the Product

You are an independent developer, indie maker, side project hacker. You've got an awesome product idea, but no audience and no idea how to get one. You don't have time to learn marketing, plus it's not what you want to do.

You tell us about your product and vision.

We'll Bring the Customers

We are marketers, automators, builders, and growth hackers. We'll create a marketing plan for your project, and get to work. Each month, you'll get a report on our progress, and see what's working and what's not.

Get new leads every month or your money back.

Finally, a hands-off approach to marketing made for independent developers just like you.

Get Started

For only

$999 $250

per month*

*We're currently in closed Beta, so we're offering a 75% discount during this period in exchange for your feedback.

What's included?

Every customer's needs are different, but based on what you've already done, our plans include the following:
Customized marketing planLanding page setup and designEmail newsletter setup and managementHands-off social media managementMonthly progress and analytics reportPillar content and monthly blog postsCold outreach and lead generationAnd more!

How's it work?

When you sign up, we'll send you a survey to learn more about your project.

Next, we'll create a custom plan of specific marketing tactics to carry out each month. For example, in the first month, we'll set up your landing page and email list, the next month, we'll set up and automate your social media presence.

Each month, you'll get a report with everything we did and the key results including logins for any third party accounts we set up and manage for you.

Finally, you can cancel anytime and we'll hand everything back over to you. No strings attached and no hard feelings.

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